Safe. Effective. Subcutaneous Dialysis Cannulation Guide.
96% Cannulation Success Of Previously Uncannulatable AVF
Low .038 PPY Infection Rate

VWING™ Vascular Needle Guide:
Guided AV Fistula Cannulation
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96% Cannulation Success Of Previously Uncannulatable AVF2 Learn More

Low .018 PPY Infection Rate in the U.S. SAVE Prospective, Multi-Center Clinical Study2 Learn More

Guided Dialysis Access

Guided AV Fistula Access

The VWING is a subcutaneous needle guide that allows for repeatable and reliable hemodialysis access of an autogenous arteriovenous (AV) fistula. MORE >

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Cannulation Workshop

Cannulation Workshop

The cannulation workshop is an introduction of the VWING for Nephrologists, Nurse Practitioners, Access Coordinators and other clinical staff.

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